Posted 4 years ago


It gives me peace of mind to know that people like me exist.

Posted 4 years ago


it made me realize i’m not as alone as i thought i was.

there are people who believe like i do, that dress like i do, that have the same ideals.

it’s a rather comforting thought.

Posted 4 years ago


I stumbled upon Tumblr before, but I was just looking onto it. A couple of months later, my friend reintroduced me to it, and I signed up. It took me a couple of days to see how it was working, and voila! I got hooked.

Errrkay. So that’s not how Tumblr changed my life. It’s how I met Tumblr. But it changed my life,it became my sanctuary of some sort. I find people I can relate to, even if we never get to meet each other personally. It’s nice to know you’re not alone. And really feel it. :D

Posted 4 years ago


Tumblr translated my innermost thoughts

Posted 4 years ago


tumblr has changed my life. before i joined tumblr i was a very weird and wild kid. spinning out of control if you will. then i stumbled upon this website and i just started to open up. i love this website. its really helped me through a lot.

Posted 4 years ago


I feel like tumblr has gave me the right to say what ever I want with out fear. It has changed my outlook on life and my way of life. I remember that I was very sucidal at a young age and I felt stupid, unloved, an outcast,and ugly. But, Tumblr has gave me the right to be different  because I’m not alone. There are others who feel the same way and can help you through. Tumblr has gave me friends, great conversations with perfect strangers and pictures of ishh you won’t see anywhere else.

Thank you ,Tumblr for changing my life. I’m okay now

Posted 4 years ago


So, before tumblr, i spent alot of my online time gaming, and it got really time consuming. Once i got into the whole tumblr thing, it was like a new way to express myself, my thoughts and my hopes. My life pretty much revolves around tumblr now =D

Posted 4 years ago


i was bored and depressed when i made my tumblr account but as started to follow others’ posts, i get to read wonderful statement everyday which is so overwhelming. :) the tumbleblogs about love i.e. fuckyealove gave me such instant feeling of being inlove. lol. it makes me see things in a brighter way, makes me believe that love sure does exist all over the globe. it also gave me a chance to make an exclusive blog, only read by me. in that way i can spoil out every junky emotional wreck in me with no worries. xD

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Tumblr has taught me to see the beauty in seemingly insignificant things; to appreciate the normal and to cherish the extraordinary,

It has made me realize that all I really want is to see the extraordinary in ordinary things, and keep them close to my heart where I can’t forget them. Whether it’s about remembering the past, chronicling the present or dreaming about the future, Tumblr is there to help me say things in the best, most succinct way I can.

It has also taught me to see happiness and emotion in other’s experiences. It has brought me friends and inspiration and life lessons. I know for sure I can no longer look back at life and not see Tumblr in it.

Posted 4 years ago


I’m gonna make this short and sweet.
I wouldn’t say Tumblr has changed my life, but it has more enhanced it and given me a wider outlook on the world. Just by scrolling down my dashboard at anytime of the day I can read entries that have come straight from my friend’s hearts to entries halfway across the world of people that I do feel like I know now. Tumblr is one big family, made up of distant relatives all around the world held together by the follow button, reblogs and likes.